Aylward’s Designs Plus is very much a family business, with every family member having a specific job. However, we hire from within the town and surrounding area for temporary work. We are fortunate to have people available and willing to work when needed and we owe them much thanks.

We have also taken advantage of several government programs for hiring students several times throughout the years. This has given us a dynamic and diverse workplace, allowing us to learn from several different practices, while giving young students and graduates real work experience. Some of the focuses we have hired students from are, marketing, graphic design, accounting and business administration.

Aylward’s Designs has also used local artist’s artwork on consignment for our own designed products, giving us the chance to see more of the creativity around us.

We Currently have 3 full staff members who work at the shop on a regular basis, those are:

Kay Aylward

David Aylward

Nick Aylward

Other very important and often behind the scenes are:

Nicole Aylward

Heather Aylward